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 Siemens motors brief introduction

  Siemens standard motor Ltd. is the production base for a comprehensive range of a small and medium size low-voltage and high efficiency motors. It focuses on the development and manufacture the motors with the support of Siemens headquarters, adopt the modern management mode with Siemens characteristic, and implement the comprehensive quality process according to the global quality assurance system. SSML continuously develops and creates customer’s value with innovative products range. Meanwhile, SSML will continuously serve all customers with high quality products and good service.

The establishment of SSML has further enriched Siemens’s existing product portfolio by adding key motor product series, so that Siemens is able to provide and entire chain of in Asia regions covering all drive products and systems, from converters, gearboxes to motors. SSML production together with a unified supply system means we are able to response more rapidly and more accurately to our customers’ requirements, to help our customers increase the production efficiently, all these efforts will contribute to better quality of Siemens products and service.
Major products: A full series of low-voltage motor with small and medium size (products ranging from 0.3 kilowatts to 200 kilowatts). Apart from diversified standard motor products, special motors such as variable speed motors, explosion proof motors, Electromagnetic speed control motors, change-poles multi-speed motors and electromagnetic brake motors.

ABB motors brief introduction
   ABB offers a comprehensive range of reliable and high efficiency motors and generators for all applications. ABB has what it takes to help every industry and application reach new levels of efficiency and energy savings even under the most demanding conditions. Combining the best available materials with superior technology, the electric motors and generators are designed to operate reliably no matter how challenging the process or application, and to have low life cycle costs. Process performance motors: Designed for most demanding environments and applications;Designed to last award winning product range;Prepared to answer any reliability, availability and energy efficiency challenge now and tomorrow;Full monitoring availability General performance motors: Off-the-shelf availability;Simple and robust design;Extensive modification possibilities with branch standard design;Online documentation.


Shanghai Jujin Electric offers full range of Siemens and ABB various motors, including standard low voltage motor, high voltage induction motor, NEMA low voltage AC motor, synchronous motor, variable frequency motor, HAVC motor, pump motor, conveyer motor, dust ignition protection motor, increased safety motor, non-sparking motors etc. All range motors are applicable for Marine, mining, oil, gas, petrochemical, power plant, water treatment, food and beverage industry etc.

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